Survey Shows Americans Favor Alternative Ways to Combat Drunk Driving

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Survey Shows Americans Favor Alternative Ways to Combat Drunk Driving In recent years, progress on reducing the number of drunk driving deaths has seemingly stalled. Alcohol-impaired driving consistently accounts for approximately a third of all traffic fatalities. In 2017 that translated to 10,874 fatalities from crashes involving drivers with a BAC of .08 or higher.  While there is no silver bullet

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DUI Checkpoints: Advertise or Surprise?

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DUI Checkpoints: Advertise or Surprise? The goal of DUI checkpoints is primarily deterrence: to raise the perceived risk of arrest, and secondarily to enforce drunk and impaired driving laws. Checkpoint information such as location and time is often highly publicized in the targeted areas using High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) tactics to promote compliance with the law. But, not all agencies and

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Flexible Sobriety Checkpoints Are A Low-Cost Tactic For Deterring DUIs

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Flexible Sobriety Checkpoints Are A Low-Cost Tactic For Deterring DUIs On a Saturday night last month, a sobriety checkpoint in Harrisburg, PA stopped 475 vehicles. But for all their efforts, police in Dauphin County made only two DUI arrests. At that same checkpoint location in 2015, 300 vehicles where stopped and 24 arrests were made. Sobriety checkpoints have long served

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Missouri lawmakers eliminate funding for DWI checkpoints

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Last week Missouri’s legislature sent a bill to the governor’s desk that could make sobriety checkpoints in Missouri a thing of the past. House Bill 4 reduces annual state funding for DWI checkpoints from $20 million down to $1. The bill’s supporters say the reduction is in response to both a tight state budget and skepticism about the effectiveness of

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