Survey Reveals Gaps in Knowledge about DUIs

Inno-admin/ October 30, 2020/ Drunk & Impaired Driving, impaired driving, madd, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA,, statistics

Survey Reveals Gaps in Knowledge about DUIs The problem of drinking and driving has been an issue for as long as the two activities have existed. The emergence of organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (founded in 1980) and SCRAM Systems (founded in 1997) demonstrate the recognized need for society to tackle this problem head-on. However, according to a recent study

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Drinking legally at 19? Wisconsin is considering it

Inno-admin/ December 6, 2017/ alcohol abuse, Alcohol Misuse & Abuse, legislation, Legislation & Public Policy, madd, NHTSA, underage drinking

Drinking legally at 19? Wisconsin is considering it Could lowering the legal drinking age reduce binge drinking among younger drinkers, particularly those in college? Three Wisconsin state legislators seem to think so. The proposed bill, sponsored by Republican representatives Adam Jarchow, Cindi Duchow, and Rob Swearingen would reduce the legal drinking age in Wisconsin to 19. By lowering the minimum

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Missouri lawmakers eliminate funding for DWI checkpoints

Inno-admin/ May 31, 2017/ DUI costs, DWI enforcement, Legislation & Public Policy, madd, Missouri DUIs, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, NTSB, sobriety checkpoints

Last week Missouri’s legislature sent a bill to the governor’s desk that could make sobriety checkpoints in Missouri a thing of the past. House Bill 4 reduces annual state funding for DWI checkpoints from $20 million down to $1. The bill’s supporters say the reduction is in response to both a tight state budget and skepticism about the effectiveness of

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